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Saturday, October 29, 2005

PS3 in 2007: BBC hooked, lined, sinkered on PS3 launch date

PS3 in 2007: BBC hooked, lined, sinkered on PS3 launch date

"According to this BBC News coverage of the Digital Life Expo in NYC several weeks ago, the PlayStation 3 is going to launch in 2007. Here’s the quote: “By launching its new Xbox 360 22 months ahead of the PlayStation 3, it’s hoping it’ll be able to win over the minds and money of gamers.”

It’s said with such certainty, we’re wondering what their source is for this information. In all likelihood, the Beeb’s source is none other than the head of Xbox UK, Neil Thompson, who recently predicted that the PS3 might not launch until Spring 2007 in Europe. Even if it’s true, it’d be marketing suicide for Sony officials to utter the numbers “2007” because it’s in Sony’s best interests at this moment to encourage gamers to forego Xbox 360 purchases in the hopes of an imminent PS3 launch.

The quote occurs at moment 1:07 in the linked-to video clip." [link]

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