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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Sony shows off Cell chip with Eye Toy-like demo

Sony shows off Cell chip with Eye Toy-like demo

"The power of the Cell processor was demonstrated with a “digital mirror” at the CEATEC 2005 conference held in Japan.

The booth of joint Cell developers, Sony, Toshiba and IBM featured a real-time “digital mirror” simulator powered by the cell processor. A model was seated in front of the simulator that was then able to display a 3D model of the person that matched the movements and facial expressions (!) of the person in real-time.
Cell chip demonstration

In order to create a 3D model of the face of the person sitting in front of the camera, the processor first mapped 500 coordinates. Details such as hair and makeup were then superimposed onto the 3D model. To keep up with changing facial expressions and positioning, all 500 coordinates were read 100 times per second. Different hair, makeup and tattoos were applied to the model in realtime.

The “digital mirror” demonstration is in principle an Eye Toy setup, where a camera is able to detect movement and track objects, albeit with a much higher resolution." [more]

Link: Toshiba Cell Demo Video

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