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Monday, November 21, 2005

2K Sports – The Xbox 360 Advantage

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Xbox vs. Xbox 360 (NBA 2K6 & NHL 2K6)

2K Sports – The Xbox 360 Advantage

"So the “HD Era” is finally upon us. But what exactly does that mean? Well, if you are lucky enough to own an HDTV and plan on getting an Xbox 360, be prepared for quite an entertainment experience. We’ve been particular impressed with how 2K Sports has managed to refine their sports line-up for the Xbox 360. Rather than strip away features, the likes of NBA 2K6 and NHL 2K6 have the full complement of gameplay modes found in their current-gen offerings, plus a few additional ones to boot. Oh, and those graphics are pretty damn sick too!

One of the questions we’ve been getting over the past few months is, “if I already own NBA 2K6 or NHL 2K6 for the Xbox, should I still worth it to buy it for the 360?” While the answer to that question might change depending on who you ask, is here to help. Why not make the decision yourself?

We know, we know…you don’t have the games yet. No worries, we’ve provided exclusive screenshots and movies showing comparisons between the Xbox versions of NBA 2K6 and NHL 2K6 versus those of the Xbox 360.

Keep in mind, being we don’t have the capacity for capturing high-definition direct-feed movies, our video clips aren’t truly representative of the quality seen on the Xbox 360. Still, we think you’ll see a pretty big difference.

It’s time to see the Xbox 360 advantage, courtesy of the 2K Sports line-up:


Player Models:

One of the most impressive aspects of NBA 2K6 on the Xbox 360 are the player models. The detail is astounding, the facial maps are eerily accurate, and the cloth physics provide a real-life look and feel.

To be honest, the player models on the Xbox version aren’t too shabby, but after look at the comparison shots below of Richard “Rip” Hamilton, it’s like night and day. His musculature is spot on, the face shield is truly transparent, and the depth of field filter on the crowd tops things off. " [more]

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