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Sunday, November 20, 2005 offers Xbox 360 for $399 offers Xbox 360 for $399

"Customers who were not able to pre-order an Xbox 360 console may have found hope at

The online division of the retail superstore offered an Xbox 360 premium edition console Friday morning for $399.99 without any bundle items.

The now sold-out item was marked as 'Online Only' and carried an 'In Stock' order status that takes 24 to 48 hours to process.

The estimated arrival date to customers under standard shipping costs are from Nov. 23 – Nov. 30.

A glitch in the shipping cost calculation during checkout estimated '2 – 3 day' and 'overnight' shipping at $400 extra.

The link to the in-stock item was revealed through various online game message boards.

When customers search "Xbox 360" at, the site is directed to a sold out status page and disclaims that the Xbox 360 will be available in Wal-Mart stores at 12:00 am on Tuesday Nov. 22. previously sold out of Xbox 360 bundles that ranged from $579.06 to $719.24.

Customers are said to have received confirmation emails for the order and cancellations had not yet been issued as of press time.

Online stores, including,, and have sold out of Xbox 360 launch units.

Electronics retailer Circuit City will start orders through its online division for Xbox 360 launch bundles at 2 p.m. EST." [link]

Anonymous Anonymous
Wal-Mart is shockingly the best of the major retailers for the XBox360. The initial bundles were the most logical and they even let you select what games you wanted bundled. Compared to GameStop, EB, etc. that stuck you with a lot of fluff and the games they wanted you to buy, Wal-Mart had 5-6 different bundles that were all customizable. They've also alread shipped the consoles as of last friday, too. Some people are likely getting theirs as early as this morning.
Now with this "last ditch" offer, Wal-Mart moves up another peg on my list. While nothing's worse than braving an actual Wal-Mart store (you can bet on hearing 7-8 babies screaming in stereo), their online store has really stepped up to the plate.  

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