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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

CNN drops PS3 price story as Stringer comments are confuted

CNN drops PS3 price story as Stringer comments are confuted

"No comments on pricing or availability from Sony boss after all

Comments published in a CNN article yesterday purporting to be from Sony CEO Howard Stringer regarding the planned pricing for PlayStation 3 have been removed after it emerged that he had not said anything on the question.

The article, which is attributed to FORTUNE senior editor Peter Lewis and was published on the CNN Money website, referenced a new interview with Stringer which has been published in Fortune magazine.

However, in the original version of the article, Lewis cited Stringer as saying that the PS3 would be priced between $300 and $400, and would launch in the middle of next year in Japan, followed by a US launch a couple of months later.

It transpires that no such information was discussed in the original FORTUNE interview - and CNN Money has now pulled the quotes, placing an addendum on the article which says that "Stringer has not commented publicly on how much the PS3 is expected to cost, or how soon it will appear in the US after the Japanese launch in spring 2006."" [more]

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