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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

IBM's Broadway Complete [Revolution Processor]

IBM's Broadway Complete

"RevoGaming has heard from sources inside the development community that IBM has finalised the Broadway processor and is showing it to developers. Details inside.

The details come from two different sources inside the development community. One source revealed the information to RevoGaming around three weeks ago, whilst the other revealed it to us a few days ago. We were waiting for a word from another development insider before we would report it.

Apparently, the 'Broadway' processor is finished, and IBM has shown plans and a prototype to Nintendo. After some discussion, it has been shown to select developers. One source said that the processor was a dual-core one, whilst the other would not reveal any technical information.

Both sources would not talk about ATi's 'Hollywood' graphics chip or any other internal Revolution components. The names of the sources cannot be revealed at their request, nor the developers they work at.

There is no official word from Nintendo, so this should still be classified as a rumour." [link]

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