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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

XBox 360 - High Def vs Normal TV

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Kameo - HD vs. Kameo SD

XBox 360 - High Def vs Normal TV

"One glorious feature of the XBox 360 is that it can put out a high definition TV signal. All of us players with HDTV systems will get to see amazing clarity.

First, it's important to comment that the XBox 360 has two separate cables that it can use. One puts out the high quality HD signal. The other cable is the STANDARD TV signal that we know and love from existing game systems. So if you don't have a HD TV yet, don't panic. As long as you get the standard cable, you will be able to play the system on your standard TV.

That being said, it's important to note that the games will look FAR better on a HDTV, because of course the HDTV has a far better resolution. Here's how TV resolution works.

On a standard TV, if you look really closely at the screen, you'll see little dots of color. Each dot can make red, green or blue. There are a total of 480 lines of dots. Each dot lights up with its 3 base colors, to help fill in the total picture. Since there are only 480 lines, it means you can actually see the lines and the graininess when you watch TV. It's like reading a poorly printed newspaper, where you can see lines and ridges in the photos.

Also, a standard TV has a ratio of 4:3, meaning that the screen is 4 units wide by 3 units high. It's not quite a square, it's a long rectangle. That's because when TVs were coming out, this was the radio of movie screens. Since then of course movie screens have gotten wider - but TV screens have not." [more]

Anonymous Anonymous
Standard TVs are not all 4:3 & 480 lines. Certainly there are plenty of 16:9 format non High Def TVs.

PAL also delivers 625 lines and NTSC of 525, which is far more than 480 stated in the article  

Anonymous Pilch
The comment before is wrong.

A PAL broadcast is 625 lines of picture information. Only 576 lines are actual picture (the remaining 49 lines being used for additional info).

With NTSC this is 525 lines of info, 480 of which are the actual picture.

Therefore the article is correct, but the 4:3 aspect ratio comment stands.  

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