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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Rare comments on Revolution controller

Rare comments on Revolution controller

"Find out more inside, from the former Nintendo developer.

An employee from ex-Nintendo developer, Rare has spoken out on Nintendo's Revolution controller in a recent interview with

Duncan Botwood, Lead Multiplayer Designer of Xbox 360's upcoming Perfect Dark Zero said the following:

'We could make [Perfect Dark Zero] work [on the Revolution], but there'd be some changes to the gameplay, I expect; the controller looks like it might lend itself towards a light gun style of shooting, which would be a fresh approach. Personally, I'd like to try using the controller for an hour or more, the length of play session I had when I played Wind Waker, for doesn't look that comfortable to me at first glance. Most people don't use TV remote controls constantly for a whole hour, let alone wave them in the air all that time. I'm skeptical, but that's tempered by my respect for Nintendo and my past experience of working with their controllers.'

He may be skeptical, yet may not realise that the controller doesn't necessarily have to be waved around at all times. We're not likely to see Rare developing for Revolution, so keep the hopes down. The closest we'll get on a Nintendo console will remain with the Nintendo DS." [link]

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