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Sunday, November 13, 2005

THQ May Develop Conan Games For The Nintendo Revolution

THQ May Develop Conan Games For The Nintendo Revolution

THQ will develop Conan games for current gaming systems as well as next gen consoles such as PS3, Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Revolution

THQ has worked out a deal with Conan Properties International, to bring the hugely popular Conan franchise to next gen consoles with a multi-year licensing agreement. The agreement will include development for all current and next-gen systems as well as PC, wireless and handheld platforms.

"THQ's proven success with high-profile licensed properties will ensure Conan games deliver an interactive experience worthy of a truly legendary character," said Fredrik Malmberg, Head of Licensing & Creative Affairs at Paradox Entertainment. "Developing next-gen console games is a huge commitment and we're happy to be working with one of the strongest companies in the video game industry."

"Combining the epic adventures and stunning environments found throughout the Conan Universe with next-gen video game technology will add a whole new chapter to Conan's rich history," said Germaine Gioia, vice president of licensing, THQ. "The agreement delivers a strong addition to our world class video game portfolio and will provide Conan's huge fan base and gamers worldwide with hours of thrilling entertainment."

Though the Nintendo Revolution was not metnioned specificly, THQ looks forward to developing games for next gen consoles.

Created in the 1930's by Robert E. Howard, Conan has been a hugely successful fantasy character for more than 70 years, with over 12 million books featuring the character sold worldwide. But perhaps the Conan character is best associated with California governor and former Hollywood actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who played Conan on the big screen in the 1980’s. Now in it’s seventh decade, the Conan franchise will begin a whole new chapter, brining enjoyment to yet another generation of fans." [link]

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