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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Want an Xbox 360? Go on hunger strike!

Want an Xbox 360? Go on hunger strike!

"Hunger striking is a form of non-violent protest which the participant uses as an act of political protest or in order to achieve a goal (definition: Wikipedia). Figures such as Mahatma Gandhi and Mary Clarke — a suffragette that died as a result of force feeding — carried out hunger strikes in order to bring attention to their plight. Hunger strikes are not something you want to joke about or use trivially.

With that in mind, check out the subtitle for a new blog run by a 17 year old British student. “This blog is about me and my attempts to save money for an Xbox 360. Chiefly hunger strike; Sam Starves For The 360.” Yep, this kid feels the need to reduce such great political thinkers as Gandhi, just so that he can afford a mass produced piece of plastic." [link]

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