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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Tokyo's Xbox 360 Lounge

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Tokyo's Xbox 360 Lounge

"We came, we saw, we had a drink.

If you were to walk through Tokyo's posh Aoyama district on the way to Shibuya, you'd see a vast array of clothing stores and cafes catering to the cooler-than-you crowd. Among the glitz of the third block north of Aoyama Street lies an unassuming white building, home to Microsoft's Xbox Lounge--a chill room dedicated to the new Sanrokumaru, known to the world as the Xbox 360. We decided to stop by on Friday afternoon to experience this zone for ourselves, and to see how it held up after the glamour of the Grand Opening on Wednesday had died down.

The building itself is beautifully designed, with a minimalist aesthetic and a soothing atmosphere. As with the system itself, the décor is mainly white with green highlights, coming in the form of plants, circles of shag carpeting, and the various couches and chairs strewn about. It definitely feels more like a café than a promotional tool. Between the tables (themselves emblazed with the x360 circles motif) are lighted stands that feature amazing custom faceplates for the console, and some trippy stylized candle-esque lamps (that can be conveniently purchased for the low price of 9800 yen).

Décor aside, the main function of this room is definitely to highlight the Sanrokumaru, with two giant Pioneer displays set up in front, with playable versions of Ridge Racer 6 and Ninety Nine Nights, and a whole row of playable kiosks in the back, starring Dynasty Warriors 5 XL, Kameo, N3, RR6, Wrestle King Damu, and Every Party. We were disappointed to learn that the triple-a most anticipated launch title for Japan, Tetris, was nowhere on the premises. The demos themselves are from TGS, and as such, suffer the same lack of polish. That hasn't stopped the masses from coming and experiencing the console for themselves, however. Over the course of the hours we relaxed here, many people came in and out, trying out the console and having a few drinks on the side. Oh, yes. The full function bar features a number of 360-inspired beverages, such as the kiwi yogurt drink, which turns white streaked with green when you stir it, or the Hypnotiq-Midori blend which does the same, though we would never indulge in alcohol while on the job." [more]

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