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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Developers Discuss Nintendo Revolution with MTV

Developers Discuss Nintendo Revolution with MTV

Free Image Hosting at"Earlier we reported that MTV News had received hands-on time with the Nintendo Revolution's controller in Manhattan and would be providing developer feedback at a later date. Today, MTV News put forth the impressions from developers they received.

Jack Sorensen, executive vice president of worldwide studios at THQ, mentioned that he first used the controller in the summer, about a month before the device's public unveiling and that Nintendo's fishing demo 'had him hooked.'

'Within a matter of weeks we had literally dozens if not well over a hundred kinds of play patterns that could be done with the controller,' Sorensen said. 'There's almost too much that people can think of, which is a sign that it's inspirational.'

According to MTV News, Sorensen expects the controller to work well with first-person shooters, 'combat-style games' and real-time strategy titles due to the mouse-like nature of the device. 'In certain genres this is going to feel so good that it's hard to imagine Sony and Microsoft not also offering this as an option,' he said. In addition, Sorenson entertained the idea of a player using the analog 'nunchuck' attachment to move the character and the remote unit as a completely seperate activity, using Mario as an example. 'There's a certain freedom in being able to have your thumb on the joystick moving Mario around in a 3-D space — almost not thinking about it — and then having a separate cursor that says 'Oh, there's a fire, go put that out.' And every time you shake your motion controller at it something can happen,' he noted.

Vicarious Visions President Guha Bala also provided insight into some of the ideas his development team is considering. 'There are a number of things you can imagine that a Revolution controller [could do] that would be quite cool,' he said, citing the examples of 'wielding a baseball bat... or a golf club, tennis racket or anything like that or in a fighting game or a first-person shooter or Spider-Man casting a web or Tony Hawk trying to manipulate a skateboard."" [more]

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