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Monday, December 05, 2005

Get notified the minute Xbox 360 consoles go on sale!

Get notified the minute Xbox 360 consoles go on sale!

"We’re tracking hundreds of online retailers and will alert you the minute XBOX360 consoles go back on sale at their site. Right now ALL online retailers are out of stock and they’re NOT taking orders while the XBOX360 consoles are on back-order. The only way to get an XBOX360 console is to pay almost a THOUSAND dollars at an Ebay auction, get lucky at a local or online store, OR CHEAT AND GET BY US!

How it Works
Sign up for one of the service levels on the left side of this page. When our monitor catches XBOX360 consoles back on sale at an online retailer, we’ll send you a direct link to the product page. From there, you’ll want to quickly add the product to the cart and check out. If, when you get to the site the product is sold out, don’t worry, we’ll keep sending you alerts until you’re successful.

$10 Gift Certificate
After you’ve successfully purchased your XBOX360 console, follow the instructions in your alert email to receive a free $10 Gift Certificate!

Our Guarantee
We guarantee our service will notify you as soon as XBOX360 consoles are available at online retailers as described in your service level. If we are not able to send you at least two verified notifications in the first 45 days of service, then we will gladly refund 100% of the service fee on your request." [link]

3 Levels of service. $60 Platinum (instant notification), $30 Gold (15 minute delay) and Free Silver (30 minute delay).


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