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Friday, December 16, 2005

The IGN Revolution Conspiracy, It’s Real

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The IGN Revolution Conspiracy, It’s Real

"That’s right, in the kind words of Joystiq, get your tin foil hats on, because we have a crazy idea - and yes, in case you were wondering, the aliens are indeed coming. Remember back when IGN released a “3 dvd cases high” mockup of the Revolution before it was ever revealed? Well remember how it looked just like the Revolution, stand and all? They knew what it looked like all along. Once again, in this case they know something about the controller that we don’t. Remember, Miyamoto said the controller held another secret. Let’s look at the clues.

When IGN released pictures of the Nintendo Revolution with it’s controller, it was noticed that while the bottom two buttons on the controller are “a” and “b” in the refecltion they were “x” and “y” with a lowercase “a” beside the “y”. Quite peculiar IGN, it seems to indicate that “x & y” are one in the same, exactly the same two buttons as “a & b”.

Don’t believe us? Think we tampered with the picture? Link below.

IGN Controller Picture w/reflection, directly on IGN:

UPDATE: Digg user “Laurent” has pointed to a cleaner high res picture in which the reflection is blatantly obvious. Check it out here. Thanks Laurent! That’s teamwork.

If that doesn’t work, we have it here hosted as well. Below is a portion of the image for those who don’t want to wait for the whole image to load (as it is very big.)

Also, in the official video on IGN’s website demonstrating the controller (which was released by Nintendo) the buttons are now “x & y” rather than “a & b” which is shown in the official pictures. Yet “a & b” are labeled on the controller to the left of the “x & y” buttons. Once again, indicating either 1. a hint that all four buttons will be included or 2. that the buttons are indeed the same, that all 4 buttons are contained in only 2.

Don’t believe us again? Think we are messing around? Link below.

IGN Controller Video, directly on IGN:

Last but not least, IGN has once again released a document with the buttons labeled as “x & y”. The 3d Controller Interactive Applet. It should be noted though this time that the “x & y” are lowercase and have no “a & b” beside them. The applet was made by a high ranked IGN user named Paladin69, who we believe was asked to do this by Matt of IGN. Why? Because Matt specifically put out a notice that he wanted 3D graphics artists to send in some portfolio work and strut their stuff for an un-named project. Lo and behold here it is shining in glory.

Still skeptical? Once, again, follow the link below.

IGN Controller 3d Interactive Applet:

Our conclusion is this: Most logically it boils down to 2 possibilities." [more]

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