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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Multiple Funny Uses For The Nintendo Revolution Controller

Multiple Funny Uses For The Nintendo Revolution Controller

Free Image Hosting at"Not all the people have a very good opinion about the famous controlled of Nintendo's revolution console. Actually, most people see it as something of a remote control that doesn't really have anything 'revolutionary' about it.

Despite the fact that the people from 'Big N' boast about its qualities and the special feeling it will be able to provide for the Revolution game titles, it's takes a lot of imagination to really visualise what they really mean by that.

However, in the mean time, some very imaginative young people (with a whole lot more gaming spirit than the Nintendo developers, I might add, as a short blog-line), have realized a parody to the Revolution advertising movie. You can find this movie here.

You should really watch it, it's loads of fun, especially because it expresses exactly what Revolution controller means for most people. A big unknown, leaving room for tons of speculation." [link]

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