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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Nintendo Revolution in May 2006?

Nintendo Revolution in May 2006?

"Update: Apparently there was an earlier post on IGN's Revolution board that includes the same links as the site below as well as some Babelfish and Mac-aided translation of the cited articles. Thanks to Al Giovanni for the tip!

According to a message board post referencing a Russian translation of a Dutch site, which in turn is supposedly quoting Japanese magazine Dengeki, the Nintendo Revolution has "gone gold" and will be ready for release in May.

Of course, we seriously doubt any of it's true. Aside from the logistical nightmare it would present to Nintendo, the company has already publically stated that all details would be unveiled at E3. While that's technically possible since the show takes place early in May, releasing a game console mere weeks after full details are unveiled would not be a wise move. Besides, all of this quoting a source of a source of a source nonsense doesn't exactly lend credibility to the whole scenario.

In other Revolution news, rumors indicate that the upcoming GameCube title The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess will in some way be compatible with the Revolution controller. How exactly remains a mystery." [link]

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