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Monday, December 19, 2005

Price of Xbox 360 in RP skyrocketing

Price of Xbox 360 in RP skyrocketing

"Almost a month after the launch of the Microsoft Xbox 360 in the United States, malls, small shops and online resellers have begun selling the US and Japanese versions of the new game console at startling prices.

Topping all of the other resellers is a Filipino seller in with the handle “buying_usa” who has two different Xbox 36 packages; a core system for 89,000 pesos and an Xbox 360 Limited Premium package for a whopping 109,000 pesos.

In an interview with, a representative of “buying_usa” said the packages were bought straight from the US. She explained that the prices included the shipping and handling of the items to the buyer.

In particular, the 109,000-peso package comes with nearly all of the available accessories, including a wireless controller, a 20-Gigabyte hard disk, a high-definition TV cable, headset and a DVD remote control.

The buyer_usa representative also said that the Limited Premium package comes with two games of the buyer’s choice. She added that the prices are negotiable.

Relatively less expensive to say the least are prices in malls that are offering Xbox 360 packages. Kidzone in EDSA Shangri-La Mall is selling the core package of the Japanese version for 35,000 pesos.

The core package includes the console and one wired controller. Aside from the Japanese version, the shop is also offering the core package of the US version priced at a whopping 58,000 pesos." [more]

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