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Saturday, December 17, 2005

NIBRIS Signs Publisher Deal for Revolution and DS

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NIBRIS Signs Publisher Deal for Revolution and DS

"Earlier today, European developer NIBRIS informed Revolution Report that the company had finally entered into an agreement with a publisher.

Originally, concept art for NIBRIS' three other projects was requested, but according to Project Manager Piotr Orlowski, such information is now 'top secret because of the publisher's agreement.' However, he was quick to note that Revolution Report 'will be the first of the press which we will inform about it.'

The name of NIBRIS' publisher was not disclosed at this time.

NIBRIS is a game developer based in Poland who plans to release its first title, Raid over the River, exclusively for the Nintendo DS and the upcoming next-generation Revolution console.

With that, stay tuned to Revolution Report, the first source for NIBRIS-related news." [link]

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