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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Nintendo On: Why it’s Fake and Why it’s Not

Nintendo On: Why it’s Fake and Why it’s Not

Free Image Hosting at"By now almost every Nintendo fan that has the Internet has seen the now famous Nintendo ON video. Still today over 7 months later the Nintendo ON is still a controversial subject. I have created this simple guide on the reasons why I think the Nintendo ON is fake and reasons why I think the Nintendo ON or a similar idea could really exist.

Reasons Why The Nintendo ON Video Is Fake:

1. Reggie Fils-Aime of Nintendo said it was fake at E3. Miyamoto said he never saw the video before.

2. Pablo Belmonte came out claiming to have created the video and showed exclusive high resolution pics of the ON. He also did several interviews including one with 1up where he showed even more pics of how he created the video and some stuff that was not even in the video. He also showed some of the other CG Nintendo related videos that he had made in the past.

3. Nintendo has already shown the console and the controller.

4. The costs of developing a 3D Visor that also has some form of Augment Immersion technology (demonstrated in the video) would be very high. Possibly cost more then the Xbox 360 and PS3. Nintendo has said that their next gen system will cost the cheapest. That simply isn’t the ON.

5. Nintendo had attempted to create a 3D Visor before called the “Virtual Boy” and it failed misserably and sold poorly.

6. In The Nintendo ON video it showed the user controlling the game with his bare hands when obviously the game will be controlled via the Freehand Style controller shown at TGS.

7. The console shown at E3 had one DVD drive in it and the ON had two. Why would Nintendo need so many drives? Now even if what was shown at E3 was fake I hardly doubt Nintendo would put two drives in any kind of console.

8. Nintendo claims that they want to draw in the non and casual gamers (women and parents). The ON would be the worst way to go about achieving that goal.

9. The graphics in the ON video were really good and can not be accomplished on a system only two times as powerful as a GameCube. Especially since the ON graphics showed practically no aliasing at all and looked better then any of the Xbox 360 games unveiled so far.

10. In the ON video Mario’s overall design was similar to the other Mario video Pablo Belmonte did. In the videos when Mario runs he puts his hands behind him as shown here. It is also worth noting that the overall designs for both Mario and Metroid where not only weird but kind of generic in design." [more]

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