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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Revolution Tech Details Emerge [Souped Up Xbox]

Revolution Tech Details Emerge

"Devs give us the scoop on performance power and RAM capacity. Exclusive information revealed.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usNintendo has during recent months remained publicly quiet on its next-generation console, codenamed Revolution, but even so the company has taken behind-the-scenes steps to prepare development studios for the platform. We spoke with multiple software houses either creating software for or experimenting with the machine in its still incomplete stage and have been able to compile some new technical details.

Readers are advised to make two notes before continuing with this article. The first is that developers are still working with incomplete Revolution hardware. Most studios are, in fact, developing on "GameCube-based kits," according to major software houses we spoke to, which have asked to remain anonymous. The second is that developers are still without final specifications for Revolution's ATI-developed graphics chip, codenamed Hollywood.

That stated, many third parties have been partially briefed by Nintendo representatives about the Revolution hardware, its overall horsepower, and the Big N's plan for the console. Based on the information studios have relayed to us, Revolution is truly poised to cater to an altogether different game market than either Microsoft or Sony with their Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles respectively. Nintendo's machine will simply not deliver the same graphic horsepower as its competitors. Revolution is all about the controller and what it can do for gameplay experiences.

When Revolution was initially unveiled, a Nintendo executive said it would be "two-to-three times more powerful than GameCube." The company never commented on Revolution's horsepower again and we were later told that the initial statement was incorrect. However, according to development houses, that description accurately sums up Revolution's power.

"To be honest, it's not much more powerful than an Xbox. It's like a souped up Xbox," a major third party source revealed to us. "But it's the controller that makes the difference and the controller is really nice."" [more]

Anonymous Anonymous
These specs have been proven wrong, idiots. IBM don't even make new chips taht slow anymore.

And the stupidity of calling it a 'souped up xbox' - the gamecube is the same power as an xbox, and even those specs are waaaaay better then that.

IN fact, it's the other way round - the 360 is actually a 'souped up Gamecube' - given they have stolen the whole Gamecube architecture (eg - IBM and ATI)

This post is inflammatory, and unnoriginal - you stole the whole thing from IGN, yet claim it's exclusive?  

Blogger D.Vader
The post is quoted with a link to the original source. We aim to be a news hub like that.

BTW: If Nintendo is going to deliver for $99-149, then the box couldn't be too much more powerful then an Xbox. Ninny doesn't like to lose money on Hardware the way Sony & MS do.  

Anonymous Anonymous
chop, chop, chop ...... you suck vader  

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