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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Shinobi Lives!

Shinobi Lives!

Free Image Hosting at"Remember one of Sega's most impressive heroes, Shinobi, born in the glorious era of the Sega Mega Drive gaming consoles? Well, those of you who still do probably know that not much has been heard of him lately, as the once fabled hero slowly slipped into oblivion. However, it seems that Shinobi might be preparing a huge comeback.

There are several factors supporting this idea. First of all, the North American branch of Sega has confirmed the fact that it will use the Shinobi name over the next few months (according to, although nobody knows for sure what for. It could be one game (or several), it could be developed for current consoles (although my bet is on the next-gen ones), it could be a version built for a portable gaming console...who knows, your guesses are good as mine.

In any case, there's a second element that makes us think a future Shinobi title is in store for us. The Japanese are preparing a Shinobi movie, and by the looks of it, it will really be something hot. So Sega might want to link the launch of the movie with that of a game, who knows (even though the movie apparently has nothing in common with the Sega franchise but the name)?

Leaving all speculations aside, the most important fact is that one of Sega's most impressive heroes is not back, but just waiting to be revived. And we hope to be able to witness his resurrection quite soon." [link]

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