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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Sony Confirms PlayStation 3 Release Date

Sony Confirms PlayStation 3 Release Date

"After a few weeks of PlayStation 3 2007 launch date, Sony has confirmed the PS3 spring 2006 release date.

There has been speculation going on during the past two weeks, that Sony PlayStation 3 just might be delayed until 2007. Well, Sony has confirmed that all systems are go for PS3 Spring 2006 release.

The company has denied reports that the PlayStation 3 launch
will be delayed, and said it was still planning a spring 2006 launch for the video game console. The PS3 next-gen console is on track.

The launch of PlayStation 3 could be make or break for Sony as the company is ailing in other sectors of its business. The console is also the device it will use to push its own Blu-ray high-definition DVD format.

The Blu-ray technology is set to be rolled out by various companies in March 2006. The rival HD DVD will be launched around the same time and any delay to PS3 would give the backers of HD DVD, including Microsoft and Tohsiba, an advantage.

However, it's not clear whether Sony is talking about a spring global launch or just in Japan. We are thinking global at this time, but many things can change from now until Spring 2006." [link]

Anonymous Anonymous
Interesting...but I still think they mean "In Japan only."
It'll be interesting to see if Blu-Ray really helps it at all. People are acting like it's a deal breaker, but I guess they just need a machine to play their multitudes of Blu-Ray DVD's. It's not like normal DVD's aren't already intentionally left half-full so they can brag about a mutidisk collection...
As for the PS3, hopefully it'll rock. I personally don't care who comes out ahead in this so long as we get a lot of good games.  

Blogger ac
I agree about Blu-Ray. It's a total non-issue for me. I don't care if the thing can play 8-tracks. I'm only interested in the games.

Also, when was the last time a console launched in the U.S. in the spring? I think Christmas '06 is more likely.  

Blogger Twinkie
Jeez what a bogus article. Here I was thinking wow, PS3 release date!!! And all I get is 'spring'??? Spring is not a date you stupid lying morons. This is NOT a release date IDIOTS. Thanks for wasting my time.  

Anonymous Anonymous
The thing about Blu-Ray is people are acting like it's this magical new format that'll do amazing things that we've never imagined. In reality it's just a big-ass DVD. Nothing really new from it at's just big enough to handle HD content. Same for HD-DVD. Blu-Ray is bigger and specs a little better, but Sony has been pretty hardcore with their protection methods on it. This is after all the company that sunk it's superior Beta VCR with licensing issues and of course who can forget their recent CD-trojan debacle.
Right now there are NO items on Blu-Ray or HD-DVD at all. None. By next spring there are all of NONE scheduled, too. Know how many "2-DVD" sets I own that could've been put on one disk? Almost all of them. We're not using the space we have right now.
It seems like the PS3 is just a gigantic way of pushing Blu-Ray before it's time. I'd much rather have a HD with 300GB and a normal DVD player. I think re-writable optical storage is the wave of the future, not bigger disks. It's the one area I agree with MS about...too bad they only give us 13GB to work with when HD games and video clearly will need 100+ to be worthwhile :P

People are acting like we're in the same situation as the PS2 again...but it's far from it.
DVD's had been around for at least 4 years prior the PS2. It was adding something we NEEDED and something considered to be a solid standard. This time the PS3 is essentially giving us something we don't really need and it's Sony pre-emptively attempting to win a standards war with it. I think the whole thing smells a little fishy to me.

Yes, by the time the PS3 is ending it's lifetime, we likely will see large optical disks ruling the roost. The thing is, right now it would be like the PS1 coming with a DVD or Divx (the format...not the codec, remember that?) player.

This isn't to say the Blu-Ray isn't a cool thing...but it's just Sony's way of forcing a standard on us. One that's looking more and more like it isn't quite as cool as promised either.  

Blogger SureLock
Agreed. Unlike the DVD, the Blu-Ray and HD-DVD debate is only going to affect the still small market of HD TV owners. I'm not gonna sink $1000 in a new TV until the one I have burns out or I buy my own home and have a living room to put it in, cause I'll be damned to buy a small one. I do have a large enough CRT PC monitor though...  

Blogger D.Vader
HDTVs are available for less then $500. It's not a plasma or LCD, just plain ole CRT.

Phillips has a 30" available...
$499 Widescreen, nice!

Samsung has a 27" available...

The fact of the matter is this next generation of game systems HAS to support HiDef. The technology is much cheaper now, and the new systems coming out will have corral the standards.

The games will be there on PS3. We have already seen that. The early footage we saw back at E3 confirmed that.

AC: I think both the PS1 and PS2 were released in May.  

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