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Monday, December 19, 2005

We bring you the Sony PlayStation 3

We bring you the Sony PlayStation 3

Free Image Hosting at"Even on this Sunday, where a troubled insomniac wishes for some rest and to be left alone, I can't avoid keeping everybody up to date regarding the console wars that we find ourselves in. The Sony PS3 is what we're all eagerly waiting for, the Xbox 360 (if all goes according to plan) is just a preview of what Sony has in store for us.
Data seen by DataFuse (go figure) has shown us that CES 2006 is going to play a major deal in the release of the PlayStation 3. Although the huge event won't really be the official launch party, Sony is hogging quite some space in the exhibition.

CEO Howard Stringer will address everybody on CES with important information regarding the release. And with a bit of luck we'll know if it's going to be able to compete with an already impressive Xbox 360.

Anyways, MS is playing with fire and when I say fire I mean there's a forrest fire beyond their control. The release in Japan of the Xbox 360 was weak to say the least. While North America and Europe is screaming for more units, if they don't get it in time, most consumers are just going to wait another couple months for a Sony PlayStation 3 ... Quite some analysts are already calling the Xbox 360 release the most horrible and mismanaged one ever." [more]

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