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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Art Dink to Develop for the Nintendo Revolution

Art Dink to Develop for the Nintendo Revolution

"Art Dink has indirectly proven their support of the Nintendo Revolution.

Japanese game developer, Art Dink (yes, that's their name) has recently posted on their site a list of job oppurtunities available at their company. The site listed job openings for MMORPG programmers; experienced 3D graphic designers; and PlayStation 3, Nintendo DS and Revolution programmers.

Why would a company be asking for Revolution developers if they weren't serious about developing games for the Nintendo Revolution? This is the question that has been raised by this inadvertant announcement.

If you haven't heard of Art Dink, they developed the Playstation puzzle game Mr. Domino. Tey also co-develop the only MMORPG .Hack//FRAGMENT. The company hasn't developed for a Nintendo system since the Super Nintendo Entertainment system, and here we all seeing development for not only the Nintendo Revolution, but also the Nintendo DS." [link]

Anonymous Anonymous
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