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Thursday, January 05, 2006

id Software Not Yet Looking at Nintendo Revolution

id Software Not Yet Looking at Nintendo Revolution

"In a recent interview with gaming site Kikizo, id Software's Co-owner and Technical Director John Carmack discussed his company's present and future projects. Carmack also noted Nintendo's next-generation console, code-named the Nintendo Revolution, and the limited knowledge he has on the system.

Kikizo: What are your thoughts on the next generation consoles, particularly Revolution -and what can we expect from id?

John Carmack: The Revolution is the console I am least familiar with, so I can't really comment. I really like developing on the 360 because of the exceptionally good development tools and clean hardware design, but all of our decisions at this point are based on providing great support for the 360, PS3, and PC platforms. We will also support Mac and Linux, but we haven't really looked at the Revolution.

The full interview can be viewed here.

Revolution Report will keep you informed on any developments concerning id Software's presence on Nintendo's next console." [link]

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