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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Next GTA vs. Halo 3

Next GTA vs. Halo 3

"As we all know there is definitely a tension between the XBox 360 and the PS3. Some say the 360 is better, some the PS3. What about the games though, we all know that in the end it all comes to the games. Thus far in gaming history only two games manage compete against each other on such a big scale. Yep Halo, and Grand Theft Auto, or GTA as commonly named. May I also remind that both games are exclusives to their systems (at least at the time of their hype).

Starting with Halo for the Xbox, when this game was released for the original X-box it became an instant hit. Seemingly a simple FPS, based in the future captured the hearts of many, mostly for its multiplayer. As years went by Bungie and Microsoft released their sequel Halo 2, and as far as we know it has been the most anticipated and biggest release in gaming history. Now as we enter the next generation of gaming, we expect more. Halo 3 previously announced to be released the same day as the PS3, has been cancelled, so from the look of things the 360 is not going to have anything to counter the release date of PS3. What is to be expected from Halo 3? That is the question that seems to haunt us all. Halo 2 was a great game, but what kept it from being the BEST game was the single-player story mode, that was just too short for a game as anticipated as it was. Another thing that hurt this giant was the cliff-hanging ending. True some players liked it, but most despised being left “hanging” after such great anticipation. Now what really made this game so popular was the multiplayer mode. Joining clans, fighting people from around the world, and much more was what made this game “stick out” of the crowd. As for Halo 3, we expect only two things to be improved over Halo 2 aside from the graphics; one being a longer story mode, and two an ending with a definite result." [more]

Blogger Smith
halo2 had the biggest ad campaign ever and as far as i can see it turned out to be a bit of a flop as far as the game gos (not sales, it did sell a lot) but gta:sa didn't have much of an ad campaign at all and it sold hugely and was as good as most people were expecting. the fact stands that gta has so much potential to go anywhere but halo is just a shooter with gay aliens. they arent that comparable  

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Anonymous Anonymous
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