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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Sony Struggles With PS3 Launch

Sony Struggles With PS3 Launch

"A mid 2007 launch of the PS3 is tipped for Australia as Sony continues to struggle. At the recent CES Expo Sony acted as if they were the most succesful kid on the block instead of being the has been.

At the recent CES event in Las Vegas Sony acted as if they were god in the CE market instead they are a struggling Japanese electronics makers who is wallowing under a mountain of debt. While all other vendors openly welcomed journalists to press events Sony decided to restrict journalists with many being denied access because local subsidaries had not put them on an invitation list.

For those journalists who did get into the Sony press conference the event turned out to be a bhig bore with little in the way of new innovations being announced. Many journalists decided to leave the event instead choosing to attend a CES keynote instead. What Sony did deliver was a lot of maybe's and could be's but not a lot of substance. What Sony Chief Executive Howard Stringer didn't say at the recent CES Show about Sony's PlayStation 3 video game console spoke volumes about the key product's timetable, analysts say. He provided no updates about the product's global launch despite the fact that it is critical to Sony's turnaround strategy." [more]

Anonymous Anonymous
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