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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Playstation 3 not so hard afterall?

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Playstation 3 not so hard afterall?

"A tester for Guerrilla Games, developers of the next generation Killzone for the Playstation 3 has given a small hint that developing for the console isn't as hard as people make out, atleast compared to the Playstation 2.

'And as for the PS2 vs PS3 development question. I was chatting to Michiel and he was telling me how crazy-easy it was compared to the PS2 and how much quicker things have been going for them. I will take his word on that' Seb Downie - Lead Tester - Guerrilla Games

Of course this really isn't saying much, but its a slow news day so you'll have to forgive." [link]

Anonymous Anonymous
And as for that Playstation 2 versus Playstation 3 Diablo III Gold advancement concern. I became chatting to help Michiel and then he was telling me how crazy-easy it had been in comparison to the PS2 and exactly how much quicker products have already been looking for these individuals. Let me Billig Diablo 3 Gold consider the concept with which ha Seb Downie -- Direct Ethusist : Guerrilla Video games  

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