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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Revolution Rumours: Sonic, Nintendo's Return

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Revolution Rumours: Sonic, Nintendo's Return

"An original Sonic title destined for Revolution, Nintendo claimed to be back in the "race."

A couple of interesting rumours slash unofficial news have hit the internet, and as such, we're "reporting"...

IGN have published an article in which they claim to have been informed by "sources close to Sega" that a wholly original Sonic the Hedgehog title is in development for the Nintendo Revolution. A separate, more traditional title, is already underway for the other next-generation platforms and up until now there had been no word on a Revolution version. But, although not official, this claim seems very credible and paints a very good picture for the future of Revolution. Hopefully gone will be the lazy, watered down ports for Nintendo's console and replacing them shall be original and exclusive Revolution versions of games.

In another IGN-related report, one of the website's VIP members (apparently these accounts are reserved for industry personell) has said on the IGN message board that they believe "'someone' is back in the race." Presumably, they're referring to Nintendo - here's the full quote:

"I'd love to talk 'in-depth' about next-gen systems too, more specifically PS3 and Revolution but, as you can imagine, we're under embargo to release any details about those systems. Also, I don't want to speak on behalf of Ubisoft as to which system is going to win until they've all launched. Last thing I need is a NOA/SCEA/MS representative calling Ubisoft saying that I was bad talking their system. All I can say is - I think 'someone' is back in the race."" [more]

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