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Sunday, January 08, 2006

SplitFish GameWare DualFX: the poor man's Revolution preview

SplitFish GameWare DualFX: the poor man's Revolution preview

Free Image Hosting at"SplitFish GameWare showed off a truly funky PlayStation 2 controller that feels more than a little like the mysterious Nintendo Revolution controller. The DualFX Controller is a two-piece PS2 controller with tethered halves: a gun trigger and an odd laser movement system. The left half of the controller is a fairly average analog stick with a D-pad and shoulder buttons, similar to the left side of a standard PS2 controller. The right half, however, is a gunlike device with a laser pointer. The laser tracks movement in the controller and lets players actively aim in first-person shooters. The laser system proved very inconsistent in hands-on tests, but it is, at the very least, an interesting approach. The DualFX will start shipping in March and will cost about $60." [link]

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