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Monday, January 16, 2006

Xbox 360 vs. PS 3: A Battle for the Ages, or A One Punch Knockout?

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Xbox 360 vs. Playstation 3: A Battle for the Ages, or A One Punch Knockout?

"The release of the PS3 will unleash the most epic battle between competitors in video game history. Like a big title fight, fans are already criticizing one system or the other, and predicting the outcome. Each system has its own advantages, and up until this week I though it was a pretty even battle. The announcement of the possibility of the Blu-Ray drive coming to the 360 delivered a cold punch to Sony’s dream machine. Still, Sony’s device continues to have lots of support, and keeps things pretty even. With both systems running neck to neck, it is probably time for an early analysis of the situation." [more]

Anonymous Anonymous
Several video gamers from GameSHOUT inform us that it's not Cheap Diablo 3 Items surprising of which business owners of the video gaming system machine is definitely professing the particular boasting rights of the solution, afterall, it's about offering item. But various other online video players think that Microsoft is actually chatting high in volume on account of anxieties andGW2 Gold concerns of these foreseeable future Xbox 360 console merchandise.  

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