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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Microsoft offers a sneak peek at Xbox 360

Microsoft offers a sneak peek at Xbox 360

"Gamers can look forward to better, more lifelike graphics and some exclusive titles when Microsoft launches its new Xbox 360 later this year, the company has promised.

At a media briefing in Dublin on Thursday Microsoft confirmed more than 25 titles to launch with its next-generation console, with a further 160 in development. Games planned for the Xbox 360 include flagship title Perfect Dark Zero, a prequel to the Rare game Perfect Dark; Kameo, a family-orientated game; Project Gotham Racing 3; Dead or Alive 4; Quake 4; FIFA 2006; and Ghost Recon 3.

Microsoft plans to make its console backwards compatible with current Xbox games; however, if your favourite title is an obscure one that failed to make the best-seller lists, it will be far down the priority list for Microsoft. Stephen McGill, head of Xbox marketing, revealed that the company was planning to make the best-selling Xbox games - of which he claimed there are hundreds - compatible with the console, and work backwards down the list. He admitted, however, that there may be some Xbox games that simply won't work with the Xbox 360." [more]

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