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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Death of CD and DVD Greatly Exaggerated

Death of CD and DVD Greatly Exaggerated

"Blu-ray and HD DVD will take years to saturate market

If you read the press it is obvious that CD is long dead, DVD is rapidly dying and the consumer can’t wait for Blu-ray technology to arrive. Unfortunately, no one has convinced the people who buy the stuff that they want to change or that they are even as far along as writers lead us to believe.

While the HD and BD camps loudly exclaim the technology is here and their approach has won, industry analysts (usually very optimistic) estimate that Blue technology won’t have much of an impact in the next four years. In fact, for the next eight years DVD burners and recorders will remain the product most people buy (see figure 1 below). According to IDC they estimate that Blue burners won’t even be 10% of DVD burner sales by 2012." [more]

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