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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Tomb Raider creator questions next-gen capabilities

Tomb Raider creator questions next-gen capabilities

"Adrian Smith not convinced by power of PS3 & Xbox 360

A leading developer has expressed doubts as to whether coders will really be able to create anything on a par with much of the next-gen footage that has so far been released.

Adrian Smith, co-founder and operations director of Circle Studio, told, "We've seen games with 500 people of a PlayStation 2-type quality or we've seen one character which looks movie-esque."

But Smith - who also co-founded Core, the studio originally responsible for the Tomb Raider series - warns that such images may not be representative of what is actually possible.

"I don't know at this moment in time that either the PS3 or Xbox 360 has the ultimate power to do such massive, high quality main characters in environments with lots of things happening."

As a veteran developer with 15 years industry experience, Smith has an understandably pragmatic reaction to early demos purportedly showing off the technical capabilities of new hardware.

"How long is it going to take the development community to actually find out what they're capable of? The original PlayStation 2 movies were spectacular and I'm not so sure that developers have even got there yet."" [more]

Blogger JLC
I can say this much adrian smith i dont agree with you  

Anonymous Anonymous
Yeah right Adrian, 'creator of Tomb Raider'. More like the person who singlehandedly almost destroyed the franchise.
Oh yeah, and, as usual you don;t know what you're talking about.  

Anonymous Danny Morales
my opinion basically is that the PS3 and XBOX360 will be capable of such doings in the future. I think that if they make a Tomb Raider for PS3 then it would be cool because its taking lara Croft to the ULTIMATE adventure & image level. my opinion personally, if you are going to make a game...that you know is going to make such sucess in the future, then at least have hope in YOUR own game that you created because I think that Tomb Raider will go to further lenghts.  

Anonymous Anonymous
I think this guy is cleary gay in the ass..  

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