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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

So, You're Buying an Xbox 360?

So, You're Buying an Xbox 360?

"So, are you one of the many spoiled children who will be waiting out in the cold this November to pick up an Xbox 360? I know I'll certainly be braving the chilled 48 degree (Fahrenheit, of course) Arizona nights to battle the crowd to pick up this piece of hardware. But, as with almost all public events, your bound to notice certain people. Like the shirtless fat guy with man jugs and a cheesehead at a Green Bay Packers game, there are always undoubtedly the "freaks", "weirdos", and "perverts" at these gatherings. And I can guarantee now, you'll probably see at least one of these types of people when you march on up to EB Games or Wal-Mart this November to get your hands on that sweet, sweet 360. " [more]

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