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Friday, August 05, 2005

Toshiba, Clariant develop 30GB recordable HD-DVD

Toshiba, Clariant develop 30GB recordable HD-DVD

"Swiss chemical company Clariant International AG and Japan's Toshiba Corp. have jointly developed a dye that is necessary for dual-layer recordable HD-DVD discs capable of storing 30G bytes of data, they said Friday.

HD-DVD is one of two next-generation optical disc formats that are competing to replace today's DVDs. The other format is Blu-ray Disc.

In addition to developing the dye, which is used on each recording layer, the two companies also produced prototype dual-layer discs and verified that they work, said Junko Furuta, a spokeswoman for Toshiba in Tokyo.

At present, the highest capacity HD-DVD-R discs that have been standardized are single-layer 15G-byte discs. The two companies have already proposed the dual-layer disc to the DVD Forum standards body with the hope that approval will come by the end of this year, said Furuta.

There are two other formats that make up the HD-DVD family. The read-only HD-DVD-ROM format will be used for prerecorded content like movies and has already been standardized at 15G-bytes single-layer and 30G-bytes dual-layer. A triple-layer version capable of storing 45G bytes is going through the standardization process. There is also a rewritable format called HD-DVD-RW that has been standardized at 20G bytes. A future version of the rewritable disc that can hold around 32G bytes is under development."

Blogger JLC
I woul like to know what is microsoft planning to do i read somewhere that xbox 360 was gonna support toshibas hd-dvd format what happned with that.i know sony has there bluray.  

Blogger D.Vader
MS will not say which drive they will support. They want HD-DVD to win the day, but if the Blu-Ray prevails MS would be stupid not to incorporate it. I think it was a bad decision to release a nex-gen system that is Hi-Def capable with a Dual layer DVD drive. In my eyes that would be as dumb as releasing PS2 or Xbox with CD-ROM.  

Blogger JLC
I honestly agree with you that to me is a dumb move and they might pay dearly. im not going to say for sure since the system isnt in the market yet, but it is very foolish not to incorporate one of the new disc formats.  

Blogger D.Vader
They are losing money on Xbox, the only move they have is to put out a new system, even if it's gimped.  

Blogger JLC
Well true Sony rite now is make money with the slim lines, I believe they will be losing 73 dollars per systems on the Xbox as for Sony I haven’t found anything as of yet to indicate a price but they will definitely also take a hit.  

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