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Friday, August 05, 2005

Xbox 360 shown off at Siggraph

Xbox 360 shown off at Siggraph

"We witnessed a live demo presentation of a Rubi demo on the Xbox 360 at this show and we do have the pictures but no cable to transfer it at press time. We we could describe this as a technical difficulty.

What we saw was a full blows Xbox 360 system and ATI didn’t neglect to mention that Microsoft’s upcoming console is using its graphic inside.The unit looked pretty much like a final one and we saw a chap with a controller in his hand changing the demo to wire frame, so apparently demonstrating to the crowd that this was rendered in real time.

The Rubi and the rest of the demo are very low polygon modes as most of the textures and effects are done with pixel and vertex shaders.

The demo ran smoothly and is comparable if not better to the Rubi demos we saw on X800 and X850 cards. The Xbox 360 should be even more capable as it has some features that even the future R520 chip will be missing.

We will get some pictures and comments about what's happening at the backside of the units and connectors as soon as we find a way to overcome the connectivity problem, or clone a carrier pigeon to fly at hyperspeed to Blighty."

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