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Friday, September 09, 2005

Ageia Withdraws Xbox 360 Comparisons

Ageia Withdraws Xbox 360 Comparisons

"Executives at physics-chip Ageia backed off recent claims that the upcoming Xbox 360 console would be unable to perform advanced physics processing.

At the European Game Developers' Conference in London last week, Ageia executives claimed that Microsoft's game console lacked the horsepower to run a fluidic physics simulation, which would model water flow or other liquids.

Wednesday evening, Ageia vice president of marketing Andy Keane acknowledged that including those comparisons in its presentation was a mistake, and that they were based on speculation from public specifications released on Microsoft. Although the company has tested its software on Xbox 360 development kits, Keane said, the tests were of extremely limited scope, and weren't designed to test the limitations of the hardware."

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