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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Playstation 3 supports mouse and keyboard

Playstation 3 supports mouse and keyboard

"Games Developers Conference Europe Has six USBs to threaten PCs

SONY OFFICIALLY revealed many details about upcoming Playstation 3 hardware. At the game developers conference, held at the Cafe Royal, where George Bernard Shaw and Oscar Wilde used to hobknob, the company decided to provide developers with some more information about the machinery.

We learned that despite having up to seven Bluetooth 2.0 compliant controllers, and six USB slots, and you will also be able to plug in a keyboard and a mouse. The company representative added that you will be able to play games such as Unreal Tournament 2007 with the keyboard and the mouse. This can mean the end of the auto aiming that you now have on Playstation 2, but I guess that developers will need to make the game fit the controller and keyboard and mouse.

Otherwise, if your game is so important, you might take a stand and make people buy a mouse and keyboard for your Playstation 3. At the same time you will be able to use your Playstation portable as a remote device for Playstation 3, but right now won't be able to use it as a controller for games. But you will be able to do some things such as play a video or a song.

With a keyboard and a mouse, the Playstation 3 might be a real threat to the PC"

Not a bid surprise, there are many keyboards / mouse that are compatable with the PS2. What is nice to hear is that it looks like the platform will support it natively. No jerry-rigging to make it work with games.

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