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Monday, October 10, 2005

Ten Xbox 360 Developer Kits stolen in Germany

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Ten Xbox 360 Developer Kits stolen in Germany

"Microsoft lost 10 top secret Xbox 360 developer kits from a warehouse in Düren, Germany. The developer kits arrived late August in unmarked packages together with other Microsoft products. The kits were destined for game developers to adapt their games to the new technology.
Xbox360 Developer Kits at Cedec, Japan

Xbox 360 developer kits, as used in a demonstration at the CEDEC, Japan

Only few days later pictures of stolen Xbox 360 developer kits surfaced on the internet. Both the Austrian federal police and the German public prosecutor’s office commenced investigations into the incidence.

In raids of homes and businesses in Austria and Germany, three of the prototype consoles were seized. The other seven are still missing.

Source: Spiegel (German)

Editor’s note:

The following image was found on German site,, apparently an Xbox mod chip manufacturer and seller.

Images of the Xbox 360 development consoles and electronic boards are viewable on their site. Several parts shown in the images have their serial numbers edited out, presumably to prevent tracking the origin of these images." [more]

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