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Friday, November 18, 2005

$1 million to the best casual gamer

$1 million to the best casual gamer

"If you're the kind of person who dreams about "Tetris," can play "Diner Dash" while you work, and can outright destroy the computer opponent at hearts, SkillJam just might have $1 million for you.

The company, a subsidiary of Fun Technologies, on Monday announced that it is giving away that cool million to the world's best casual game player. If that's not incentive to sneak in a little solitaire while your boss isn't looking--or hey, even when she is looking--I don't know what is.

The competition will pit the very best performers at three of the most successful casual games of all time: "Bejeweled 2," "Zuma" and solitaire. Players will compete in online tournaments and winners of those competitions will advance to the finals in Los Angeles.

Now, I'm all for winning big piles of cash, and I'm all for people having a good time. But I also worry that, all snarkiness aside, a contest like this is likely to achieve one of two things: indifference or a massive reduction in workplace efficiency." [link]

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