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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Dead or Alive 4 delayed [Xbox 360]

Dead or Alive 4 delayed

Free Image Hosting at"Tecmo's Dead or Alive 4, which was slated to be released as a launch title alongside the Xbox 360 in Japan on December 10, has been delayed - albeit for only a week. Today, Tecmo made an announcement stating that 'unpredicted adjustments suddenly became necessary, which inevitably forced us to push the release date back one week,' to December 17.

While this is unfortunate news for 360 owners who were hoping to get Dead or Alive 4 on time, it certainly is better that Tecmo is tweaking any problems out of the game instead of releasing it as is." [link]

Anonymous Anonymous
This is likely a good thing. Better to tweak any balance, framerate, etc. issues now prior to the game's release. There's nothing worse than a console fighting game that's discovered to be broken within 2 weeks of it's release.
Not like DOA is really a fighting game player's type of game anyway, but hopefully they're at least trying. The last thing we want is another DOA game that's nothing but 2 alternating strings (so counters are a 50/50 guess) and a whole lot of counters mixed in.
Hopefully they'll break out Tekken Dark Resurrection as a 360 title. That way they can still keep the obvious PS3 Tekken 6/Tag 2 exclusive...and we can still get a decent fighting game for the Xbox.  

Blogger D.Vader
I don't see Tekken coming to Xbox. Back in 2004 there was some news of Tekken 5 coming to Xbox it never materialized.  

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