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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Does 'X' mark the spot? [Xbox 360]

Does 'X' mark the spot?

"Now that the release is past, it's time to wonder if Microsoft succeeded or rushed

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving will be etched into history as the day video game addicts sold many vital organs to passionately caress an Xbox 360. With taxes and a game, most of America's youth coughed up around $500 just to purchase Microsoft's next generation console, and in doing so, assisted Bill Gates in his quest to get richer than God.

Microsoft's debut in the next console war features a system much more powerful than its predecessor. The 360 boasts a 3.2 GHz (x3) CPU, 500 MHz graphics processor and 512 MB of memory. What does that mean? I have no clue. I'm suspecting it means that your new Xbox can prepare you eggs benedict in the morning while, simultaneously, enhancing your sexual performance. While anxious Houston residents painstakingly lingered for up to 24 hours among lines at Best Buy and EB games, some of us now wonder if the hype of our gaming future was worth last month's rent.

In 2001, we were spoiled with a jump in gaming that was considered remarkable. The neighbors scrambled through the door just to check out what the Playstation 2 and Xbox were really capable of with remarks like:

"Look , you can see the grass move!"

"Look, when you hit the pedestrians, their bodies explode!"

"Look outside! A FedEx truck just hit your dog and his body exploded too!"

The Xbox 360 definitely fell short of these expectations; at least in my opinion. It's wireless controller is pretty snazzy, the removable hard drive is convenient as well as it's numerous online advantages. Its visuals, on the other hand, fall short of revolutionary. They do not dwarf what Halo 2 offered us on its release in 2004. Perhaps it has great potential, but its launch titles didn't drop my jaw. Do we really have much to look forward too?" [more]

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