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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

In-depth Xbox 360 coverage goes live

In-depth Xbox 360 coverage goes live

"GameSpot's juiced-up coverage of the console kicked off at midnight; look for Kameo review, HD-quality footage of launch titles, and more.

At exactly 12:01 a.m. PST today, gamers in that time zone were only 167 hours and 59 minutes away from being able to purchase the Xbox 360 from retailers. But GameSpot didn't have to wait for Zero Hour to get the next-gen console in hand. To celebrate a week left until the system hits shelves, we're giving readers a whole fiesta of Xbox 360 coverage.

As soon as the calendar hits Tuesday, GameSpot will be gushing with tons of new high-definition-quality footage of Xbox 360 games, previews of launch titles, and GameSpot's first Xbox 360 game review for Rare Ltd.'s Kameo: Elements of Power. For gearheads, GameSpot also takes an in-depth look at the console, with a lengthy hands-on feature on what makes the 360 tick.

Check out GameSpot's Xbox 360 Launch Center for further information, and be sure to check back later tonight for even more coverage. It doesn't end at midnight tonight--over the next few weeks, the site will be stuffed with further coverage of the console, including reports from Microsoft's launch event, Zero Hour, which kicks off on Sunday, November 20, and an Xbox-related feature per day as we count down the last five days before the launch of the Xbox 360." [link]

Link: Xbox 360 Launch Center

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