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Monday, November 14, 2005

Leaked BestBuy Xbox 360 System Launch Allocation Details

Leaked BestBuy Xbox 360 System Launch Allocation Details

By: Richard Allen

A user known as dopeboyfresh67 spilled the goods on BestBuy's Xbox 360 launch allocations by each store. His original post contained images but we have gathered the information together into an Excel spreadsheet. Stock looks very slim with some locations getting as few as 30 units, a select few locations will have over 200 units (Bellevue WA Store 498, Hawthorne CA Store 104 and Dadeland FL Store 557). It appears Microsoft is anticipating the Pro system to out sell the Core system. These documents indicate over 75% of the stock will be Pro systems (with the 20GB Hard Drive).

According to this list about 48.8% locations will receive 50 units or less, 51.2% of locations will have 51-99 units, 4.2% of locations will have 100-199 units and a mere 0.4% of locations will have 200 or more units. If earlier reports are correct BestBuy will score about a 10% take of the entire domestic launch stock. To find out the projected inventory levels for your local BestBuy, head over to BestBuy's store locator and find out your local store number.

BestBuy Launch Allocations (Excel Zipped) Right Click, Save As...
BestBuy Launch Allocations (HTML)

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