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Monday, November 14, 2005

Ubisoft Developing Nintendo Revolution Game in Montreal

Ubisoft Developing Nintendo Revolution Game in Montreal

"Ubisoft is developing a first-person shooter for the Nintendo Revolution

According to the Spanish site MirStation, Ubisoft has confirmed a title for Nintendo’s next-generation console, code-named the Nintendo Revolution. Both Upisoft Montreal and Paris are apparently in developing a new game for the Nintendo Revolution

Apparently, the new game in question is a first-person shooter which has been appointed to Ubisoft’s Canadian division , the studio behind great titles such as Splinter Cell and Beyond Good & Evil. The shooter was said to be in the same style as Doom.

MeriStation said that the first details, as well as a visual demonstration, will arrive during E3 contention in 2006.

Koei, the creator of Dynasty Warriors and Romace Of The Three Kings franchise has recently confirmed development plans for the Nintendo Revolution, and also has a new studio here in Canada.

NintendoRevolution.Ca will have more information on Ubisoft’s new Revolution title as more information becomes available." [link]

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