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Friday, November 25, 2005

Proving the Concept: How Revolution Will Change Games

Proving the Concept: How Revolution Will Change Games

"ech demo -- those are the two words we hear most often when people start talking about games for Nintendo's upcoming Revolution console. Sure, Nintendo has officially announced Metroid Prime 3 and a new Smash Bros., but the only "games" that have been shown are a series of tech demos, and even those were only shown behind closed doors to select press at the Tokyo Game Show.

Well, we're sick of waiting, so we came up with a list of hypothetical Revolution game concepts -- some pulled directly from Nintendo's Tokyo Game Show video that showed actors but no real games, others pulled from some of the popular ideas we've heard floating around -- and took them to impartial third-party developers to find out how practical it is for games on Revolution to be more than just gimmicks.

Over the next five pages, we talk with developers from Harmonix, Radical Entertainment, Foundation 9, Atlus, and Midway to figure out how many of these hypothetical game ideas that are floating around have the potential to become actual games, and what advantages/problems might come with that as a result of the Revolution's remote control-shaped, motion sensor controller. First up, Harmonix co-founder, president and CEO, Alex Rigopulos." [more]

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