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Friday, November 25, 2005

Two Views Of Xbox 360 -- Nooch & Dean

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Two Views Of Xbox 360 -- Nooch

"My first impression of the Xbox 360 (hard-drive version) is that there's still no wow factor.

Nothing about the buildup for the Xbox 360 had me on pins and needles; nothing I've played so far has spun my head around.

For the record, Dean and I are using machines provided by Microsoft for long-term use in reviewing the hardware and games. The games are provided by various publishers.

I also should note that I'm not using a high-definition TV as a monitor, and that detracts from the full potential of the Xbox 360. It's not unfair, given that most consumers don't have high-def sets. But it does make the machine underutilized." [more]

Two Views Of Xbox 360 -- Dean

"Nooch, as usual, is an Xbox 360 grouch. I attended the Burning Man-style event in the Mojave Desert and I have drunk the Kool-Aid. Do not believe anything I say. But believe what Nooch says even less.

Impressed: "Call of Duty 2" is a well-paced trigger game. It is a next-generation game because it has enemies with smart, group-like behavior; it has multiple paths to an objective; and its graphics effects, such as smoke, are cool and don't slow down the action.

In "NBA 2K6," it is very cool that the players start the game with dry skin and clothes, but progressively start dripping with sweat as the game goes on. The Xbox Live online service features and the animated crowds in "Project Gotham Racing 3" are a next-generation experience." [more]

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