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Monday, November 21, 2005

Xbox 360 Reviews Bonanza

Xbox 360 Reviews Bonanza

"It's officially one week until Xbox 360 launches in North America, which means it's time for everyone to start nailing down their must-haves on day one. The verdict's still out on heavy-hitters like Perfect Dark Zero, but the winners and losers of Xbox 360's initial batch of games is becoming clearer every day.

1UP kicked off it's Xbox 360 review coverage last night with in-depth looks at Kameo: Elements of Power, Project Gotham Racing 3, NBA2K6, FIFA Soccer 06 and Amped 3. Of course, there's 18 games in the Xbox 360 launch lineup, so there's plenty more where that came from, and more Xbox 360 reviews will be pouring in as the days progress.

Make sure to hit up the 1UP Boards once you've checked out our reviews; 1UP's editors are sure to be prowling around, ready to dish out more details on your anticipated launch releases. In case you're confused, though, here's a handy-dandy link-friendly list of every Xbox 360 review on 1UP so far:

NEW: Need for Speed Most Wanted
Kameo: Elements of Power
Project Gotham Racing 3
Amped 3
FIFA Soccer 2006

Let the bitching begin!" [more]

Anonymous Anonymous
Looks like thus far the games are good, but not great. I figure that's to be expected. In reality, it's not that far from the PS2's launch. Short of the sport titles and updated sequels, we're seeing games that are decent but nothing amazing. At the same likely won't slow sales down. Sometimes a system can sell itself on potential.  

Anonymous Anonymous
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He's a white man dress up as a black man.  

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