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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

XBox PreLaunch UK Tour

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XBox PreLaunch UK Tour

"I went this morning, and stayed for about 20 minutes, during which time I...

1. ... played Kameo. It's a pretty obvious platformer with not very pretty art direction. Disappointing in the first two minutes, so I put it down and scratched it off my list. Harsh, eh?

2. Looked at Project Gotham Racing. Nothing new here, although very, very shiny. Gotham TV looks like it could be interesting - watching what your friends are doing. Good. We like voyeurism.

3. Poked at Dead or Alive, but the demo only allowed 2-player versus, and I was on my own. Damnit, I LOVE kicking games.

4. Played Quake 4. I hate playing FPSes with sticks. It's like controlling a particularly stupid and slow-moving robot with no peripheral vision. Lumbered about bumping into walls for a while. It's not a patch on mouse and keyboard: and this is where the Revolution could really change the system - please Nintendo, please be developing something in the FPS genre!

5. Crashed Condemned: Criminal Origins. Heh heh, woops. This game looks like it has potential (if you like films like Se7en), but there's the sticks thing again. Hmm, and the crashing." [more]

Anonymous Anonymous
maybe you are lacking in the hand eye coordination? i guess being used to an fps on the pc, when you go to a console with a controller you must feel like a complete idiot bumbling around. a fps is a different game on the console vs. the pc. imagine playing your first fps game on the computer with a mouse, the controls are very new and different. one on the console is another experience, as if it is a complete new genre of game. a fps is not bad by any means on a console, nor on a pc. but although they are very simular... they are very different in gameplay. you get past your stage a inadequacy and im sure you would have fun.  

Blogger D.Vader
I do prefer KB & Mouse overall. So many more functions available at your fingertips.  

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